Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Quit Judging Me!!

Alright this is for all you peeps who won't get off my back about this dang blog. I know I should keep it up, but this is just at the bottom of the list. So speaking of lists... That's exactly what you're gonna get! (I'm really not annoyed at anyone but myself for leaving things for so long that I have to do a 'blog' in point form.)
1) I started back to work in November 2011. Mitch's parents have been generous enough to watch les monster so that we don't have to pay for daycare. This has been such a help to us and a relief to my grieved soul for having to leave my baby behind somewhere. Sopha-bean (as I commonly refer to her as now) adores her Gampa/Papa and screams when I put her in the car to go home. The senior Hughes' are retired and agreed to part-time which is A-OK with me. I had to do a 5 week orientation that was full time and it nearly killed me. Now I am casual and am working 3 shifts a week of my choosing. It is working out better than I expected and I'm not as dumb as I feared I was going to be. Hurray for me!
2) the pressure was on for me to go back to work because we are expecting babes #2 May 19, 2012, or there a bouts. I was already 3 months when I started working, so we have been a little worried about getting a full maternity leave again. After some quick math today I figure that thanks to the originally cursed 5 week orientation I will be able to meet the Government's requirement of 600 hours since my last EI claim. As one of my sisters said to me, "thank goodness for tender mercies!" Tis true. We are excited for this baby to come to our family and what changes this means for us. We had an ultrasound just before Christmas and we think it's another girl. For those of you who don't know it is illegal for ultrasound techs to tell you the sex of the baby now in BC, but I think I saw a pretty clear image or lack of an image! We'll see, Nonnie (Haida for Grandma) might be doing some last minute shopping!
3) Sopha-bean is a genius! She has so many words and can pretty much tell me what she wants/needs/is doing all the time. I love her and how fast she is becoming a big girl. She amazes me almost everyday!
4) Mitch is doing great at his job. He is a sub-contractor for Telus which in simple terms means he installs phone/cable/internet. Sometimes it annoys me that he works less than I do and makes as much money as I do as an RN. Thanks for getting a degree Sarah! Geesh I should
have done something that required less schooling therefore money and make just as much money. Oh well.
5) Christmas was great this year for us. This was the first time since moving out of my parents house in 2002 that I stayed put for the holidays. That also means it was the first year I could decorate, which also means it was the first year that I could buy Christmas decor! It was nice finding my own style and getting into the holiday spirit. Soph loved the tree and opening presents. She learned the word Santa and now every man with a white beard is Santa. For those of you who are watchers of Biggest Loser (it started tonight), I just happened to have the T.V. on and there is a guy on there with a big white beard. I was changing Soph's diaper in the living room and she starts yelling "Santa, Santa", so I look around to see what she is talking about and low and behold there was Santa on T.V.! Funny girl. Also Mitch spoiled me this
year (as per usual) and surprised me with an iPad 2! Can you believe it? I certainly couldn't! Love that man.
Well that's all the important stuff I can think of right now. I'm sure there's more but alas, this will have to suffice.


  1. It is about time! I love reading your blog because it is like you are talking to me in my mind! Soph so big, so sad I don't get to see her grow up...good thing for skype. Can't wait to see what this baby is...almost there, well not really, just trying to give you a pick-me-up ya know. I need more updates! Loves

  2. Good job updating! You are a good mom!!